Get Outback has been developed by Dodge & Tan, otherwise known as “MessyChambo”, and will follow the planning and execution of MessyChambo’s Great Outback Adventure – Part 1 (and all other parts that follow on from this, not necessarily always in the outback!). Click here to read the latest news!

We are keen outdoors enthusiasts and can frequently be found in their 4WD travelling around some random part of Queensland (or, rather more habitually, somwehere along Teewah Beach in the Great Sandy National Park with a fishing rod in hand. It really just depends on who won the game of scissors-paper-rock to choose the destination. Tan, not being all that great at scissors-paper-rock, usually ends up going with the flow).

Dodge is a creature of habit. He could live a peaceful, happy existence as a hermit along Teewah Beach as long as he had his fishing rod and a magically self-filling esky of beer.

Tan is a little more complex. Being the more nomadic of the two, she enjoys variety and therefore wants to be a hermit at more than just one beach. This causes constant consternation between the happy couple, as a fishing rod is not a useful tool in many of Tan’s chosen destinations (the self-filling esky is, although Tan would prefer it to be rum, not beer).

Bladensburg National Park, Winton Qld